About Us

What we do

Building Self-Sufficiency

The GAIN Program helps communities in the Los Angeles area build economic self-sufficiency through gainful employment. The LACOE GAIN Division is part of a large-scale, welfare-to-work initiative called Greater Avenues for Independence that operates in every county in California. In Los Angeles County, the initiative is under the supervision of the Department of Public Social Services.

Serving Local Businesses

We serve local businesses and employers by helping them find and hire quality workers who are seeking opportunities for meaningful employment. These prospective workers are participants in the state welfare programs known as California Work Opportunities and Responsibility to Kids (CalWORKS) or General Relief Opportunities for Work (GROW).

Career Planning services

Each year, the LACOE GAIN Division provides job-readiness and career planning services to 50,000 participants at 21 job club sites around the county. The goal is to assist each participant in connecting with work opportunities that will lead to: a job – a better job – a career.


Greater Avenues for Independence (GAIN)

The Orientation/Motivation Program

This one-day session provides participants with detailed knowledge of their rights and responsibilities, as well as the benefits of participation in the GAIN program. O/M also includes a motivation module that addresses concepts, tools, and strategies designed to overcome adversity and achieve personal and professional goals.

Job Services

Our Job Services component also known as “Job Club,” this four-week program has guided tens of thousands toward self-sufficiency through employment. Utilizing LACOE-developed curriculum and a “Job Preparation Guide” as well as innovative adult-learning strategies, Job Club participants learn and apply effective pre-employment skills, job-seeking strategies, and positive work ethics aimed at promoting long-term career success.

In addition to English and Spanish, GAIN services are available to those speaking other languages commonly found in Los Angeles County. Through the Non-English/Non-Spanish (NE/NS) Program and the Refugee Employment Program (REP), LACOE GAIN offers a full schedule of Armenian, Farsi, Russian, Vietnamese and Chinese-language sessions taught by certified bilingual staff utilizing professionally translated materials.

General Relief Opportunities for Work (GROW)

The LACOE General Relief Opportunities for Work (GROW) program provides Orientation and Job Services to GROW participants at three sites in Los Angeles County. GROW participants are also offered the Rapid Employment Program (REP) and Specialized Job Club services. Each component is aimed at providing quality instruction in job preparation and pre-employment skills in an effort to place participants in gainful employment. LACOE also provides facilitator training and program support services to 15 community-based organization sites that provide Job Services to GROW participants throughout the county.