Short Term Trainings

"Quality trainings for quality jobs"

Short Term Trainings are accelerated programs that guide students into a new career field. These trainings are offered in partnership with various other educational institutions. They also include employment assistance.

LACOE provides quality training, coaching, job matching and placement to unemployed adults receiving aid through GAIN and GROW programs. Funding is also available through AJCC-Adult & Displaced Worker Funds. Your active case may qualify you to participate and if approved the training is FREE. No financial aid application required.

For more information, visit Career Exploration LA. You will find all upcoming trainings there. You can also call 

(562) 922 – 8600

Countywide STT Trainings

Participants will have the opportunity to become proficient in a high-demand career field. They will also receive assistant in their job search following the completion of their program.

This list states where our most popular trainings are help but does not contain dates and not all trainings might be listed.

STT & HSE Graduations

Following months of hard work and dedication, students meet the requirements to  receive their diplomas, certificates and best of all, jobs. Small and large graduation ceremonies are held for students to celebrate their triumph and the beginning of a new chapter in their lives.

Are you unsure if Short Term Trainings are for you? Watch some of these videos and get inspired for a new future.